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NEW! 2016 Market Research & Consumer Insights Exchange Post Event Report

This report will give you a glimpse into the incredible Market Research & Consumer Insights Exchange On the following pages, view speaker sessions, tweets, attendee overview, top priorities and more.

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Consumer Insights and Shopper Trends Interactive PDF

The modern consumer is drastically different from the formatted and somewhat predictable consumers of the past. Their wants and needs are ever-changing and most have new requirements for what motivates them to purchase products and services. Click on an item in this interactive PDF to view some of the insights and trends that drive consumer behavior.

2015 Market Research Survey Results Infographic

IQPC Exchange surveyed 40 executives of Fortune 1000 companies to determine the top areas of investment for 2015. The titles of the respondents include: EVP/SVP/VP Market Research, SVP/VP Consumer Insights, Director/ Head of Market Research or Consumer Insights.


NEW: Data-Fueled Content Marketing Strategy: A Q&A with Thomas Kelly, Director of Consumer Analytics & Research of AOL

In this Q&A, 2016 Market Research and Consumer Insights Exchange Speaker, Thomas Kelly,Director of Consumer Analytics & Research of AOL, shares his thoughts on the challenges of creating content marketing strategies, consumer emotions, and his 2016-2017 priorities. He also discusses what he is looking forward to about the exchange. Interview orchestrated by IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer-Barrett.

Finding Consumer Motivations: A Q&A with Shawn Fitzgerald, Head of Shopper Intelligence, Heineken USA

In this Q&A Shawn discusses using data and insights for understanding purchasing behavior, understanding occasion driven purchasing, performing successful ethnographic research, recognizing psychological motivators and his priorities for 2016.

A Q&A with Corliss Collier, Sr. Director, Category Development & Insights, Bumble Bee Seafoods

Corliss Collier, Sr. Director, Category Development & Insights of Bumble Bee Seafoods, was the Chairperson at the May 2015 Market Research Exchange. In this Q&A, she shares her thoughts on the ways that consumer and shopper insights shape marketing plans.

Marketing Technology: An Interview with Mapquest Chief Marketing Officer Brad Maglinge

Mapquest Chief Marketing Officer Brad Maglinger discusses how marketing technology is transforming traditional roles and enabling CMOs to deliver change.

Top Featured

Highlights from Market Research Exchange - May 2015

See what our attendees have to say about the 3rd Market Research Exchange

Audience Targeting on TV: An Interview with Turner Broadcasting's Daniel Aversano

Turner Broadcasting's Daniel Aversano discusses audience targeting on TV.

The Amnesia Tax: How Market Research Teams Forget what they Know

A video of a recent webinar called "The Amnesia Tax: How Market Research Teams Forget what they Know" highlighting ways to get ROI on ethnographic and qualitative research through a searchable database.

How to Find Buried Treasure Using Experience Maps

An introduction into using Conifer's 5E Framework to deconstruct a user experience and hone in on bright spots, gaps, and pain points.

Marketing Automation: An Interview with Julia Kirby and Thomas H. Davenport

Harvard Business Review's Julia Kirby and Babson College's Tom Davenport discuss the future and impact of marketing automation.

Reputation Management: An Interview with Reader's Digest CMO Leslie Dukker Doty

Leslie Dukker Doty, CMO at Reader's Digest, discusses reputation management.

Bridging Manufacturer and Retail Partner Interests Through Shopper Research [Case Study]

An electronics manufacturer facing new challenges regarding customer expectations of their in-store experience within an unassisted retail sales environment was interested in a deeper dive to better understand the retail customer. Learn how TrendSource employed a qualitative research methodology (shop-alongs) to help provide greater clarity about the in-store journey for an omni-channel consumer.

Outcomes-Centered Research: Redefining the Role of a Research Partner [White Paper]

Through effective outcomes-based engagement, research partners can support their clients in navigating the challenges of the actualization of new tactics and strategies. There is no better way to explain the advantages of this paradigm shift than to share the journey of one Fortune 100 retailer and the best practices that were used in an enterprise-wide change initiative that redirected their strategy and successfully shaped their future.

Content Marketing Strategy: An Interview with Sylvan Learning CMO Julia Fitzgerald

Julia Fitzgerald, CMO at Sylvan Learning, discusses content marketing and storytelling.

THE CONSUMER & SHOPPER JOURNEY: Tapping into technology to understand your customers

Why do your customers choose online vs brick and mortar? How are different channels used simultaneously? What do omnishoppers hate? If you really want to understand the Consumer & Shopper Journey, you need a holistic picture of how to build and grow demand.


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New! Chief Marketing Exchange Post-Event Report

The 2017 Chief Marketing Officer Exchange post-event report features interviews with attendee lists, top areas of investment and more!